5 themes on which your managers would benefit from being coached

When I started my coaching practice, those around me systematically asked me two questions. First: “what is coaching really? » Second question “what theme can we work on in coaching? “. These two questions arouse the curiosity of people who want to go further than the status quo, without having a game plan for the future. There are in fact 5 recurring themes on which I work with my clients and on which your managers would benefit from being coached. I share them with you in this article.

Needs, values and beliefs: our foundation

Very often, people are surprised to see how much impact going back to the basics has. If I ask you right now, immediately tell me the 5 most important values for you. What are you telling me? What if I ask you to share with me your needs in your professional situation? Your principles? Your limits? We live in an environment that moves quickly, very quickly, so quickly that we often forget to take time to consult with ourselves in order to understand our internal weather. However, serious mistake. This internal weather based on our beliefs, values and needs then impacts everything we perceive, think, do and say. This applies to our personal and professional daily lives. In coaching, we therefore devote appropriate time to it in order to get a more precise idea of what is happening inside. Thus, the coachee has more control over what he then creates with the outside world.


Unsurprisingly, communication is a key subject of coaching. Whether it is learning to express one’s needs (you see, we already find them!) or whether it is learning to listen, give feedback or even delegate, communication is everywhere. You might think that since it is everywhere and we have used it since the dawn of time, it is acquired. This is unfortunately a very distant shortcut from reality. Just as we all have our personalities, we all have our ways of communicating. By this I mean that we all have our own way of sending information and receiving information. This is how misunderstandings germinate easily and daily. This is even more true in hybrid work environments where communication itself suffers, among other things, from this frequent absence of non-verbal and para-verbal elements.


Another popular theme during a coaching process: self-confidence. Whether it is establishing your position as a manager within your team, making impactful decisions in a new department or even speaking at a conference bringing together several subsidiaries, self-confidence is very often put in the spotlight. It is also frequently discussed alongside a feeling of imposter syndrome which is also a theme on which we work a lot. This is valid both in cases of expatriation coaching and in management coaching following taking up a position, for example.


Obviously, in management coaching it is very common for the client to want to work on their leadership. He wants to take his team further, and that is to his credit. However guess what, to acquire this leadership posture, it is essential to know yourself as a manager but also as a person. We therefore return to the initial base that I spoke about earlier. This phase during which we work on leadership is in reality a real common thread which leads us to explore many facets of the coachee’s know-how.

Stress management and energy level

Due to the pandemic, recent years have seen the number of requests for stress management coaching skyrocket. Coaching actually leads the person being coached to understand what generates these stress peaks. The coachee also learns to master and overcome them. All this doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, of course. However, with patience, the results are convincing and lasting.

In coaching, we work on what is acquired

As you have noticed, very often one main theme hides another. In coaching, we work on people. There is nothing compartmentalized, on the contrary. Everything is connected. Many times I heard “I can’t help it, that’s how I am. » It is true that we all have our way of being, our way of doing things and our way of seeing things. However, coaching proves to us that nothing is set in stone. We are not born angry, disorganized or self-confident. There is no good fairy of politics, leadership or communication who looks at the cradle of some rather than others. There are certainly predispositions. However, all these criteria can be worked on, adopted or abandoned depending on what we choose for us. This is how we work in coaching.

A theme on which your managers would benefit from being coached

If you would like to give your managers the opportunity to develop their communication, their self-confidence, their leadership or to reduce their stress level, we invite you to contact us. This will be an opportunity for us to organize a meeting to discuss the different objectives on which you would like your managers to work on in coaching. We will thus be able to assess which coach is best suited to your needs. We will also be able to determine the number of hours of coaching that we consider appropriate for your manager.

Hope to meet you.


Ophelie Therrien

Certified professional coach and trainer

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