What is your HR employer brand identity?

Have you noticed anything that has changed over the past two years? A workforce reporte iCIMS (2021)reports that job postings increased by 22% while job applications for the same fell by 23%. This is a very significant gap between supply and demand. Potential candidates are more selective and their expectations of employers are now quite high. This is why enhancing the employer brand through HR marketing is becoming essential for most companies. So it’s time to do the exercise and ask yourself the question: What is your identity?HR employer brand?

An employer brand is built with several strategies.

The exercise sometimes requires showing humility and engaging in authentic reflection on your culture and your attractions. How are you positioned against your competitors?  What facet of your identity as an employer do you present? How do you try to convince top talent that you are the king of the jungle? That you have the best culture? True values ​​and a vision so inspiring that the mere appearance of a job offer causes a CV jam?

Co-creation at the center of establishing a solid employer brand

Establishing a meaningful and strong HR employer brand involves doing it through co-creation. Your people participate and are enthusiastically promoted as ambassadors of your company. The positive image and identity that you want to anchor is built brick by brick. Both in your internal culture and in your external visibility. This requires creativity, common vision and perseverance. No one can create authentic attraction without putting in time, talent and targeted strategies.

Furthermore, we have noticed a rather particular tangent among certain companies wishing to revisit their HR employer brand. These organizations held internal gold nuggets. However, due to ignorance of their current market value, they had not seized the opportunity to exploit them. And meanwhile, some competitors were doing it for you.

And you, who knows what you already have in your safes without being aware of it. It is high time to see things more clearly. Follow our next series of articles and let us guide you to your best self.


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