Employer branding: understanding it to better put it into practice

Formerly in active search of new professional challenges, I asked myself a question that seemed paramount… What matters the most to me?

After identifying all the important factors, I prioritized them. One criterion slipped to the top of my list: having an employer whose values match mine and that reflect in their actions.

In fact, in a context where well-being in the workplace is becoming a fundamental criterion for attracting and retaining qualified workers, employer branding is now a must.

Employers, are you ready to leave your mark? Here’s how you can take your employer brand to the next level.

What exactly are we talking about?

Employer branding can be defined as the set of strategies that allow you to attract, hire and keep the best talents in your company[1]. This can be illustrated in the way you manage your hiring process with a clear process or with follow-ups if the time between two steps is too long. 

Just as we care about our reputation with our customers, the same should be done internally. Now it’s all about maintaining the image of your company with your former, current and future employees. And it’s all interrelated.

Employer branding is thus present at different stages of the company’s HR management. It starts with recruitment, and lasts until employees leave, through the development of their skills.

How to set up your employer brand?

This is done in several steps:

  • Start with an analysis of your current employer brand;
  • Define what you want to inspire;
  • Use the right tools and be visible in the right place (thanks to social medias among others);
  • Have attractive job offers;
  • Have the employee experience in line with your posted charter.


In this picture, SMEs have a real card to play. Competition from large companies is very present, but they have a lot to offer in terms of skills and experience to candidates and a good visibility of their employer brand can make the difference in their market.


The bottom line:

We understand that in the ultra-competitive market in which we find ourselves, employer branding represents an important weight in the equation for the success of one’s organization. Taking part in this exercise can be very beneficial for the whole organization. Your human resources are at the heart of your success, so don’t hesitate to reward their efforts by offering them the best of you!


By Julie Marie,
HR Blog Editor –Iceberg Management

[1] Gabriel Tremblay, directeur de compte marketing RH, 28 juin 2021, sur www.détailquebec.com https://detailquebec.com/la-marque-employeur-un-outil-permettant-dattirer-les-meilleurs-talents/