Good luck Caroline!

Dear clients, partners and members of our esteemed network,

It is with serenity that we announce the departure on a sabbatical leave of our Team Leader Caroline Thomson. She, who accumulated 5 years of loyal service in May 2021, will have been a shining light within our team and our clients during all these years. Our longest standing employee celebrated her 40th birthday last year and has chosen to give herself the space to explore other facets of the human resources management profession. Her interest in the practice of professional coaching has grown over the past few years and Caroline has a keen desire to add more expertise to the wall of her life museum. It is therefore with recognition of her new professional aspirations that we wish her the best of success in her new professional endeavours. In the meantime, Caroline will remain a freelancer on-call for Iceberg Management, for psychometric testing evaluation mandates. This is a great opportunity to nurture this relationship of trust that has united us for 5 years.

The handover is orchestrated within the team and it is Mélanie Gauthier who will take on the role of Team Leader. She will also be responsible for maintaining business relationships with our strategic partners, the National Bank Insurance Firm and Randstad. For almost 2 years in our team, Mélanie has distinguished herself as a leading figure in our HR support service. On the front line and with 20 years of experience, Mélanie is an indisputable reference for any type of support and advisory role in human resources management. She will therefore take on this key role in addition to continuing her mandates with our clients. Her human and empathetic qualities act as natural talents to support the members of our great team. We also wish her the best of success in her new professional challenges.

The outsourcing clients Caroline served will now be handled by Indya Chesnel, a new Human Resources Management Consultant joining the firm, with her 5 years of experience. After earning a scholarship for excellence in her studies, Indya quickly developed as a human resources generalist, working for renowned employers such as Boutique 1861 and CF Montreal, formerly known as the Montreal Impact. Very cognizant, organized and talented, she will be the new pillar for our clients who delegate the management of their human resources to us through outsourcing. We wish her a grandiose and warm arrival within the blue blazer team.

In recognition of all that Caroline has brought to our team over the past 5 years, here is the message we want to send her:


Dear Caroline,

To see you leave your current position is a cruel reminder that all good things eventually come to an end. You may no longer be a member of the permanent team, but you will always remain a friend, a confidante, a resourceful person with whom it is so good to interact. The beautiful relationship that unites us will allow us to continue our collaboration on call, and it is a joy that we wish to celebrate.

5 years of loyal service is significant. We congratulate you on all the challenges you have masterfully overcome and all the clients you have made so happy. Everyone knew Caroline Thomson in our team, and you leave a strong mark. The shoes to fill are big, but the team will do it with a smile and a lot of pride.

We thank you for your years of dedication and loyalty to the firm, allowing the company to reach its full potential every day.

On behalf of the whole team, we say THANK YOU and are confident that the best is yet to come.

Yours truly,

Julie, Médina, Mélanie, Elyse, Noellie, Andrée and Ariane

Iceberg Management is no exception! Despite its deep expertise in human resources, our firm is an employer of highly qualified talent and we too suffer from the shortage of manpower to support our accelerated growth. Just like our clients and our network partners, we have put a lot of effort into creating this continuity plan and we are proud of the success of our rigorous staffing process. Other resources have joined the team to support the growth and we cannot wait to introduce them to you! Stay tuned!