A word about the authors

A word about the authors

Julie et Médina 2017_

Julie Tardif, CRHA and Medina Cayer, MBA, Adm.A, CRHA are the consultants and visionaries who recently co- founded Iceberg Management, a human resources and organizational development consulting firm. Read moreWith their expertise, they help managers of SMEs and board members face both operational and strategic challenges, through the integration of best practices in management and governance. The purpose of Iceberg Management is to allow its clients to increase in organizational efficiency, by investigating the real causes of the problems and the implementation of concrete solutions tailored to the specific context of each organization.

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Martine Drolet, CRHA and Caroline Thomson, CRHA joined the Iceberg Management team early in the year 2016 while the firm ended its first successful year of activities. Read moreStrong in human resources and organizational development expertise, they fit perfectly into the mission and the goal of the firm, by supporting clients in their organizational challenges and by participating actively in the search to put-in-place solutions. Co-authors of the blog space advice, they take pleasure in sharing their advice to the community in order to improve a little more each day the wonderful world of work.

Iceberg Management | Consultants RH & DO
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Who are we?

Iceberg Management is a consulting firm whose mission is to offer SMEs in the Greater Montreal region and neighbouring cities the expertise of its human resources and organizational development consultants. Our team will assist you in solving your management problems through the integration of operational and strategic best practices.

Our team

Our Services

Human Resources Outsourcing

Having access to a human resources specialist part-time rather than hiring a full-time employee.

Development of management skills

Coaching for managers through is provided with a structured, results-oriented approach that allows managers to perform better in their roles.

Organizational development

A diagnostic approach that finds the root causes of problems before establishing targeted strategies.

Our achievements

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