Public recognition and organizational surveys: the two go hand in hand!

Organizational surveys: are either we are doing too many or not enough. And you, how often do you survey your employees? What do you learn from them?

An organizational survey makes it possible, among other things, to measure the satisfaction of your resources on several levels: commitment, company culture, work-life balance, health and well-being and the work environment, to name only a few.

What if in addition to measuring the satisfaction of your employees, you were publicly recognized for your commitment to your exemplary corporate culture? Know that it is possible to place your success in the spotlight by seeking distinctions. This will help your employer brand shine.

How to go about it?

First of all, be aware that several contests, awards or competitions already exist, without having to go through an organizational survey to be eligible. We are talking about rankings such as Montréal’s Top Employer, Canada’s Top 100 Employer or initiatives such as ‘’Entreprise en santé’’ or Concilvi. You must obviously respect certain criteria, but your choice of contest must be consistent with the context of your organization.

In addition, when the time comes to deploy your next survey in order to improve your initiatives, know that there are several that allow not only to take the pulse of your employees, but also to seek distinctions in the long term. For example, ‘’Employeur remarquable’’ comes to mind.

No matter which avenue you choose, the important thing is not to be first on the list, but to know the impact you have on your employees and how much you learn from exercise.

The advantages of such an approach

There are many advantages to linking your organizational survey exercise to a public recognition initiative. Indeed, such participation allows:

  1. Visibility at the local, national or even international level;
  2. Better positioning of the employer brand;
  3. Recognition by third parties and industry experts;
  4. High-level feedback: you will receive quality comments about your application and your survey results;
  5. A seal of recognition; a new logo for your signatures!


Competitions for employers are an opportunity to take the pulse of your resources, of course. However, remember that by receiving these recognitions you also take on the burden of sustaining them.

Be consistent, consolidate your achievements and quickly address irritants.

So, how would you like to be recognized?

By Noellie Dias, CRHA