The company released to mobilize 96% of your employees

Companies have long been dominated by pyramidal and hierarchical organization. They are therefore struggling today to adapt to the VICA era (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) which perfectly characterizes the environment in which SMEs operate.

Indeed, many organizations use traditional systems that are often too rigid and limit team performance and innovation rather than encouraging them. A revolution is necessary.

In this sense, several thinkers have developed new concepts to increase employee well-being, while increasing technical and financial performance. One of the concepts that has proven itself is the liberated enterprise.

Did you know that around 96% of workers are trustworthy and do not need such rigorous supervision? All business rules are made for the 4% who are looking to take advantage of the system![1]

The overall principle of the liberated company is to give the power of action back to employees to the extent that the actions are aligned with the vision and mission of the company. This model mobilizes more and makes maximum use of employees’ talents. Individuals are constantly developing and growing their business in the process.

However, to be effective, the liberated company must be based on 6 basic concepts:

  • Trust must reign;
  • The direction and vision must be clear;
  • The structure must be made up of work cells;
  • The emphasis should be on roles, not titles;
  • Success and failure must be experienced as a team;
  • The corporate mission must guide all actions.

Removing titles may seem unimaginable. However, it is achievable provided that the roles, responsibilities and decision-making areas of each person are clearly defined.

It is possible to make small organizational changes to move towards this ideal. The first step to take is to establish a relationship of trust with your employees. Leave aside the controlling surveillance systems and you will see a difference!

Not an obvious concept? It must be said that this type of organization is far from being the norm. However, keep your eyes open. Freed companies are increasingly present in our economic landscape, and I believe that this trend will not be short-lived!


[1]Le Soleil –The “liberated” enterprise.2017. [Online]. consulted on July 15, 2019).


elisabeth djenandji

Affiliate professional coach, certified NLP

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