Responsibility of the manager or Human Resources?

As a manager, you have certainly already asked yourself the following question: “why do I have to carry out this task which directly relates to human resources management skills, when I have an internal HR department?» I have personally had to answer this question several times and here are my thoughts on it:

A manager must cultivate the relationships he maintains with the members of his team. If he does not communicate the right moves and shy away from opportunities to refocus, how will he be able to get his leadership recognized and respected? A manager who is involved and committed to managing his or her employees obtains better results. We then observe more efficient teams, employees who are mobilized, fulfilled and above all, happy at work. It is for this reason that among the tasks and objectives of a manager, the “human resources” aspect is preponderant and that its sound management is not entirely the responsibility of the HR function.

Within the HR function, you will find positions including the technician, for whom the responsibility is operational and who has technical knowledge in the administration of files, the advisor, for whom the role is to support the manager in its decision-making and the business partner and/or management position, for whom the design and implementation of strategies are their expertise.

However, the size and financial capacity of companies influence the number of in-house experts you can count on. You often only have one HR professional in an SME with 50 employees. If this is the case, it is very likely that he will delegate operational tasks to you for the sake of time and efficiency. Teamwork prevails in human resources when it comes to administering recruitment, reception and integration, training, health and safety at work files, and so on. These responsibilities must be an integral part of your tasks as a manager. They are in fact shared with the HR function.

Planning, organizing and achieving the objectives arising from the strategic plan often have human considerations. Managers are pivotal in adhering resources to corporate objectives. Managers play a role as role model. If you are mobilized, your resources will be just as mobilized.

Do you lack know-how or interpersonal skills? Your human resources department is there to support you, accompany you and develop you in this role. They will teach you how to fish rather than fishing for you. Happy collaboration!


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