Growth mentality: a guarantee of performance

Do you know a company that experienced strong growth during which employee skills development did not keep up? In this context, the company finds itself struggling with a bottleneck which impacts, in particular, the climate, working conditions, mobilization and organizational performance. This is why businesses should consider cultivating a growth mindset (growth mindset) in their organization.

In addition to fostering a culture specific to learning and growth, a growth mindset helps provide the necessary support and resources (both personal and professional) to employees to navigate through change. This concept studied by Carol Dweck consists of believing that skills can be developed through effort, development strategies and the help of others.[1]It therefore contradicts the school of thought which assumes that skills are innate.

According to a study carried out by Bersin & Associates, organizations that adopt a growth mindset would bethree times more profitableand would havea retention rate four times higherthan organizations that do not adopt it![2]Furthermore, employees in a growth culture are47 timesmore likely to say that their colleagues are reliable,34 timesmore likely to feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the company and49 timesmore inclined to say that the company promotes innovation.[3]

Here are some tips for cultivating a growth mindset within your organization:

  • Reward teamwork rather than individual talent
  • Be open to changes and new ideas
  • Give feedback that encourages development
  • Value the processes people use to achieve success
  • Eliminate the feeling of hierarchy
  • Provide and plan skills development opportunities
  • Talk openly about mistakes as an essential condition for learning
  • Hire employees who are eager to learn and who like to collaborate

Developing a growth mindset can be an integral part of your organizational culture. A company that wants to have a great experience in a context of growth must focus on developing everyone’s skills (senior leaders, managers and employees) and foster a culture supporting this mentality. A culture of growth is also the opportunity to create an “employee experience” positive which will only increase the performance of your organization!


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