Virtual medical service: an investment with multiple benefits

Did you know that 4.5 million Canadians do not have access to a family doctor and must turn to overwhelmed medical clinics? And that Canadians take on average 2 to 6 days off each year to see a doctor? People who have children take double[1] !

Seen from this angle, we notice significant impacts on the absenteeism rate and major costs for companies. Also considering that the average waiting time to see the doctor is half a day[2], why not consider offering employees access to virtual healthcare solutions? It’s an innovative way to reduce the time needed to consult certain professionals, and thus increase work-life balance. Virtual care makes it possible, for example, to renew a prescription at lunchtime from your office or, for contagious people who can work from home, to consult from the comfort of your home without infecting the office.

This option offers many benefits for the employee and the employer:

  • Reduction in waiting time for services;
  • Increased chances of consultation;
  • Reduction of stress linked to the consultation;
  • Reduction of costs linked to absenteeism;
  • Reduction in the absenteeism rate;
  • Rapid diagnosis;
  • Improved management of chronic diseases;
  • Improved overall health.

Multiple options exist, all easily accessible on a smartphone. As the adoption rate is still low (9% in 2018)[3], this therefore becomes a good way for employers to stand out: social benefits are one of the most sought-after elements among job seekers.

In conclusion, virtual healthcare is an option to consider in a range of employee benefits. However, don’t take this idea for granted! The best way to ensure you’re meeting employees’ needs is to ask them. An internal survey on a free platform will provide you with the collective opinion which will confirm, or not, whether this service will meet the needs of your employees.

Are you considering reviewing your range of benefits offered to your employees in 2020? Iceberg Management consultants can support you! And Iceberg Management also offers its services virtually! To know more :


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