What if you listened to your HR advisor?

Having become more than a simple operational function, human resources management is now an integral part of the overall business strategy. However, many still use their human resources advisors solely for administrative purposes.

By lack of openness, by fear of change or by fear of losing control, you deprive yourself, as a business manager, of a competitive advantage that only a qualified HR professional can provide you: the strategic dimension of HR.

Human resources strategies make it possible to respond to current and future organizational challenges. By associating HR issues with the general performance of the company, it is possible:

  • to increase competitiveness and productivity;
  • to facilitate decision-making;
  • to facilitate talent and succession management;
  • reduce wasted time;
  • to mobilize and retain employees.

So, to maximize the profitability and sustainability of your company, the advice is simple: give the HR function the strategic place it deserves!

Leave the wheel to a certified human resources advisor (CRHA). It will definitely take you out of your comfort zone, but keep going! The CRHA will be able to align your structures, processes and policies with your mission, vision and financial objectives. What he will offer you is a strategy that will improve the general performance of your company, by focusing on human capital.

Never forget that without your employees, the business does not exist. Your organizational strategies must therefore take into consideration the human being in our current context and respond to their needs in terms of the environment and working conditions, tasks, schedules, etc.

The HR function is much more than managing employee files! It is to develop various strategies to combine the aspirations of the company with those of its employees towards a common goal. All you need is you to get there.


Elyse Marineau

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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