The title of Adm.A., definition and reason for being.

What is an Adm.A.?

Perhaps you have noticed that two members of the Iceberg Management team have the title Adm.A in their signature. and Adm.A., C.M.C. And this aroused your curiosity! We will therefore briefly explain to you the definition of an Adm.A according to the order itself. But also, the reason for this title and how it imposes rigor and professionalism on those who hold it.

Being Adm.A. means being registered with theOrder of Chartered Administrators of Quebec. The Order of approved administrators is “ a professional order dedicated to management and governance »[1]and is governed, along with 45 other distinct orders, by the Office des professions du Québec, mandated to protect the public. The members of this Order have university education related either to management or administration. Experience and expertise as managers, leaders or expert advisors are also necessary. They are able to plan, direct and advise and can practice in business management, human resources, project management, public administration, etc.

An Adm.A. who also bears the C.M.C title has additional expertise in management consulting (Certified Management Advisor). The process to obtain the C.M.C. is very rigorous. It requires having in your professional portfolio 15 years of experience as a senior manager in an organization or having successfully completed an MBA in management consulting or having 1200 hours of annual management consulting.

Why be an Adm.A.?

Display the title Adm.A. means voluntarily accepting that one’s professional practices are governed by an administrator’s code of ethics. But also to respect the professional code as well as the laws governing the Order of Adm.A. Members must also comply with a mandatory continuing education program managed by the Order of Adm.A. In addition, this title implies having liability insurance which protects all professional relationships.

Iceberg Management offers you the expertise of an Adm.A., Karina Boies, and an Adm.A., C.M.C., (the partner and general managerMedina Cayer). Whether for coaching or support in developing your management performance, we will be able to meet your needs in a personalized way.

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