5 reasons to invest in a professional coach for your managers

Coaching has been on the rise for several years. You have certainly seen many offers from coaches inviting you to consult their site. However, you are unable to precisely identify what coaching would bring to your managers and their teams. It’s normal. There are in fact as many benefits to be gained from coaching as there are potential clients since during a coaching process, everyone works according to their own needs. This is one of the major characteristics that differentiates coaching from training. The list of advantages of working with a coach is therefore quite extensive. However, there are some essentials. The “must haves” that every manager should know and master in order to perform in their role. These essential criteria for any good manager are worked on in coaching. In the coming weeks, we will explain in more detail how coaching works at Iceberg Management. Today, let’s start with the 5 reasons to invest in a professional coach.

Coach and manager: together we are stronger

The very concept of having a coaching could be compared with having a partner. This partner, preferably external to the company, will have the capacity to bring a fresh perspective to situations. Obviously the role of the coach is not to resolve all of the manager’s issues. However, it is there as moral and mental support for the manager who does not feel alone against all the storms of the world having to work on all fronts at the same time.
The strength of the coach is precisely not to be in the daily life of the coachee. This is what allows him to have the perspective that he will invite his coachee to also take.

In a context of labor shortage, every day is a new battle for some managers. Having a coach will allow you to define priorities, optimize resources and available time. With the support of his coach, the manager will be able to overcome the various challenges without falling into the infernal wheel of stress which beckons to any manager wishing to perform despite the vacant positions of part of his team.

Thanks to the support and availability of his coach, your manager who supports his team at arm’s length will be guided in order to act optimally depending on the situation and opportunities and not based on issues.

Coaching: a new perspective on change for the manager

Second major benefit for managers who benefit from the support of a coach: change management. Coaching doesn’t work miracles, of course. The coach is, however, there to take the manager off the tree and make him aware of the forest that surrounds him. In other words, during times of change, coaching will allow the manager to have a macro vision of the situation. Not only is this good for him, for his stress management and his time management, but it is also excellent news for his team. By having a global vision of the situation and the different future perspectives, the manager will be able to see what there is to gain in the short, medium and long term rather than focusing exclusively on what is there. has to lose. He will therefore be able to lead and support his team through the various transitions. Change management will be directed, framed and controlled. Enough to cleanse and calm the minds.

Manager and stress: the unfailing help of the coach

We mentioned it just now , stress is one of the great ills of any modern-day manager. The good news from this article is that stress is not inevitable. Stress is not inherent to being a manager. Once again, as a partner, the coach will be a real supporter and support to assist the manager in his stress management, whether by working on stress factors, on the perception of stress or even on ways to manage the stress. The manager will feel truly supported and will be able to see ways out of situations which until now seemed so nebulous that they managed to create more stress than necessary.

In the current configuration of things, namely: post-pandemic with a very often hybrid return to work, all accompanied by a labor shortage, we can hardly blame the manager for seeing his stress level increase. For those who have experienced an understaffed environment, the tension is sometimes palpable as soon as you walk through the door. In other places, on the contrary, the company chooses to experience the difficulties from the angle of de-dramatization. A manager who learns with the help of his coach to manage his own stress will know how to create a human environment and will know how to build loyalty in his team, even during storms.

A coach + a manager = repercussions on the entire team

Since the role of the manager is also to ensure the well-being and proper functioning of your team, it is important to mention that a 4th benefit of coaching is the contribution and development of the team. Obviously the coach should not speak with each member of the manager’s team. That’s the beauty of coaching. By working with his coach on his interpersonal skills and his beliefs, the manager will acquire a large number of tools. He will establish his posture. Cultivate your confidence in yourself and your abilities. He will have time during his working hours to question himself, review communication practices, improve his management tools. All this will greatly contribute to anchoring his position as a leading manager. He will know and be able to subsequently support the members of his team in their own development. A real virtuous circle is thus established in the manager’s team who is lucky enough to be supported by a professional coach.

Coaching: a form of recognition to offer to your manager

The 5th benefit affects both the manager and the organization. Indeed, by offering the services of a professional coach to your manager, you demonstrate to him the importance he has in the company. You accompany with a strong gesture your desire to make it evolve within the organization. Also, you show him that you want to invest in him and his abilities in the long term. You affirm your vision thanks to this form of recognition.

By ripple effect, your manager feels appreciated and valued. He is motivated to develop and grow within the organization. Their commitment, mobilization and accountability become greater, which, by the way, is one of the 5 characteristics of a team functional according to Patrick Lencioni.

To go further

These five benefits are the tip of the Iceberg. There are many others that will be specific to each manager and what each needs to work on in order to perform and overcome certain barriers and blockages. If you want to help your managers grow, have a positive impact on their teams, feel valued, and be able to take a step back from situations more easily, thus reducing their stress level, I invite you to contact us. We can then organize a discovery meeting and talk about your needs. At the end of this meeting, we will be able to tell you what type of coaching and how many sessions are most suitable for your managers.

Looking forward to talking with you.


Ophelie Therrien

Certified professional coach and trainer

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