Transform your employees into a learning engine!

In a world where everything is changing at breakneck speed, many employees are committed to their development. However, the financial resources and time required often delay opportunities to develop.

Too often, we associate development with structured training, yet learning takes place in different ways and almost 70% of it takes place outside the classroom.

Given that there are many sources of development, why not tap into your employees’ vast pool of knowledge to create continuous learning opportunities within your team?

Create occasions for co-development

By organizing internal discussion groups, you allow your employees to develop on practical aspects that are immediately applicable to your business while allowing them to solidify their internal network. You’ll be able to help your employees learn more about your customers, your technology, process improvement in a particular project, the techno tip that saved time and money, etc.

This approach promotes the exchange and transfer of knowledge within your workforce, increasing its agility and competence while strengthening team spirit!


The resources required to set up co-development groups are minimal. You will need to make available to your employees:

  1. A channel where people can write down the topics on which they are willing to share their knowledge in order to create a topic calendar;
  2. A meeting facilitator;
  3. A meeting agenda template;
  4. Meeting time (which can be added to the dinner break);
  5. A process to manage the logistics of meetings (who talks about what, when).

What could be better than using collective intelligence to continue your growth?

These discussion groups will allow your employees to express their creativity and share their expertise while satisfying their curiosity and need for development.

Start your learning engine!

By Lyne Desrochers, M. Ed, CRHA, ACC

Special collaboration for the HR blog – Iceberg Management