Corporate culture is organic

And this is experienced through the actions taken on a daily basis! Indeed, it is management practices and behaviors that reflect the company culture.

In this sense, several companies are showing themselves to be proactive by using our services to train their first-level managers on staff supervision, dealing with subjects such as recognition practices, disciplinary management and performance evaluation.

It is said that the most successful companies stand out for the autonomy of their resources, managerial courage, skills development and harmonious working relationships.

It would be simplistic to believe that training is the solution. Certainly, training serves to develop managerial skills and promotes a common language, but what about the strategic alignment that we want to give to management practices? Very often, HR strategies are non-existent within the company and managers are not equipped to answer employees’ questions regarding the business vision. In addition, members of management are generally absent from these training sessions, which creates a gap between managers’ new learning and the ability to transfer knowledge to the field.

To ensure consistency between words and actions, strategies must start from the business vision, then be carried by managers and finally lived by employees. The role of senior management is to provide enlightened leadership on the business vision. In this sense it must:

  1. Encourage discussion and communicate openly with employees regarding the company’s objectives and vision;
  2. Set the tone and demonstrate to employees how the organizational culture should be put into practice; their actions and gestures must be an expression of this;
  3. Recognize and reward employees who demonstrate behavior consistent with the values.

The next time your managers attend training to develop their managerial skills, accompany them. It could make all the difference!


Médina Cayer

Managing Director, Co-Founder & Partner

Accredited professional coach & approved trainer

Certified management consultant

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