Diagnosis: enriching your strategic planning

For many entrepreneurs, spring means a new fiscal year. It’s time to close the books on 2021-2022 and open the door to 2022-2023 opportunities! At Iceberg Management, we are ready to welcome new challenges, to deploy continuous improvement projects and to update our strategic planning. In this regard, an essential tool to enrich strategic planning is the diagnosis.

To avoid setting up annual objectives that are time-consuming, costly, and that ultimately miss their target, make sure you identify the real causes of the organizational symptoms you observe.

Who benefits from investing in a diagnostic?

There are a number of different contexts in which a diagnosis may be necessary. Here are two important ones:

Your small business is growing and you are responsible for managing human resources.

The growth of a small business is a fabulous adventure that requires the implementation of structuring projects. It is common for entrepreneurs to be experts in their field of activity and to be left out of the management of staff attraction, recruitment, skills development, performance evaluation, total compensation and all other HR activities.

Rather than improvising, it is possible to be accompanied in the evaluation and prioritization of human resources development needs. A diagnosis of the HR department allows first to produce an exhaustive inventory of the tools and practices in place and then to precisely define the company’s needs. The creation and study of dashboards then allows the prioritization of projects. Then, these projects can be included in a roadmap useful for annual strategic planning. The entrepreneur can then take ownership of this planning with the certainty that he is betting right. He can do this by implementing structuring procedures that comply with laws and best business practices.

The last few years have been difficult for your staff. Your turnover rate is increasing and you are no longer sure how to optimize employee retention.

More than ever, it is essential to focus on the criteria that distinguish you as an employer in the job market. It’s almost impossible to attract and retain talent by simply having a good reputation or offering a smoothie bar. How can you focus your efforts on actions that will have an impact?

Why invest in a diagnostic?

Here again, organizational diagnostics can help you become more efficient. It provides a quantitative and qualitative portrait of the engagement indicators in your company. The resulting report of recommendations, contextualized to the market and personalized to your reality, offers you a clear view of how to obtain the maximum return on investment in order to meet the real needs of your personnel.

The organizational development consultant, an essential partner!

Using the support of an organizational development consultant allows you to rework your business strategies in depth. But also to rework your company’s positioning in terms of human resources. Obtaining this support will have the advantage of taking you further by saving you time.

Start your year on the right foot by teaming up with your organizational development consultant, your new essential business partner!

By Jacinthe Doyon
Editor of the HR Espace Conseils blog – Iceberg Management