The Psychometric Test with Double Purpose: Deep Discussions Guaranteed

Have you ever experienced a moment of clarity that suddenly explained why you behave the way you do? An enlightening moment when you better understand who you are. It is often the beginning of self-acceptance and personal growth. This is what happens when you do a psychometric test that reveals your personality traits and natural instincts. In the context of team management, the dialogue that follows will be enhanced by the richness of the information that came to light.

Often known as a selection tool, the psychometric test is also an effective tool to be used for skills development. Why? Because the awareness that comes with the results is worth gold in the course of the participant’s development. It is a mirror of the person’s inner reality. In the era of the “Great Resignation”, it can be stabilizing and empowering to uncover one’s traits because they can be leveraged the same way that we capitalize on strengths. Knowing your employees in a deeper way allows you to have an appreciation of skills, preferences, and natural reflexes. 

One tool, double the function

At Iceberg Management, we favor the AtmanCo psychometric test, an intelligent and scientifically validated psychometric platform that allows you to ‘’hire, lead and grow your most valuable assets’’. The test offers not only the personality profile, but also organizational preferences, cognitive aptitudes, team complementarity and job matching. Our certified consultants provide a detailed debrief about their interpretation of the results and can offer advice on skills development. The personality profile is a starting point for substantive discussions. For example, when the personality profile reveals a natural tendency to enjoy challenges, it is an invitation to discuss how the person can be involved in innovative projects and step outside of their comfort zone. What if the participant has a preference for spontaneity rather than organizational skills? The door is open to discuss how that shows up for them and how you can support them. The person is emotionally expressive? The table is set to discuss emotional intelligence skills such as emotional expression around contextually appropriate responses.

Recently, AtmanCo enhanced its platform to add a skills development program. Specific competencies can be personalized by position and superimposed on the company or team culture that is unique to the company or team. What better way to give constructive feedback then to base it on observed behavior and measurable competencies? Add to that the overlay of personal preferences and personality traits, to better understand the root cause of the behavior. The AtmanCo platform is productive, on point and agile.

Are you interested in exploring the use of AtmanCo personality tests and competency evaluations in 2022? The time is now to invest in improving your processes. Contact us to today to find out more about our current promotion.

By Caroline Thomson, CRHA/CHRP
Affiliate consultant in Human Resources and Psychometrics
Certified Levels 1 & 2 by AtmanCo

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