Improve your recruitment: now

Recruitment and retention of personnel have long been critical issues for Quebec businesses. Retirements, the aging of the population and the opening of new global markets are not improving the cause. Worse still: student cohorts do not include enough future workers to compensate for the shortage.

This is something known and experienced in all industries combined. We have moved from a phenomenon of “labor scarcity” to a phenomenon of “labor shortage”. The leaders of large companies have understood this by adapting their talent attraction strategies. We are thinking in particular of improving its brand image, selling its jobs and expanding its pool of potential candidates.

Large companies do it, but is it accessible to SMEs? Absolutely ! Even more so if you involve and reward your employees for helping you.

Start by knowing the benefits your employees see in working for you, and shape your employer brand. Tell your employees to spread your company’s good reputation to everyone in their networks, and reward them for referring potential candidates. It does not work ? There could be several reasons:

  1. Your monetary bonuses are not attractive enough. If you are willing to pay $5,000 to fill a position with an agency, why offer your employees $500? We see it far too often. Be more generous. It is not a question of cutting recruitment costs, but of stimulating recruitment.
  2. Your employer brand is weak. Employees don’t know how to “sell” their employer to their network. He lacks arguments. Either they don’t know your business well, or they think your business is not up to par.

Employer brand development and employee referrals are strategies that have power in attracting talent, all positions combined. To highlight your stimulating work environment, you will benefit from conducting recruitment campaigns like real sales operations. Your recruitment should therefore integrate marketing concepts: work on the visual aspect of your displays and your online career page, refresh your texts and slogans with “punch” content, add images of your company and your employees and create events that will interest your target clientele of candidates. In short, take care of your employer image as much as your commercial image.

Of course, if you are not already into sourcing and in international recruitment, you are behind your workforce competitors. . The planet is big and full of young talents ready to make the jump. This means that we would benefit from being more open to diversity by pushing back the barriers in order to meet our workforce needs. But what if you would first start by revamping your current programs by putting in the effort required to generate more results?


Noellie Dias

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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