For a strategic selection of new employees: questions to ask

In recruitment, we mainly evaluate our candidates according to 3 criteria: experience, qualifications and diploma(s). This is what we learned to do. However, you know it well: these evaluation criteria, although essential from the technical point of view of the job, do not allow us to evaluate the “fit” of the candidate with the organization.

Have you ever thought about evaluating your candidates in terms of commitment, sources of motivation, type of reasoning or even decision factors? Each person is programmed precisely. You just need to find out if your candidate’s behaviors and mechanics are a good fit for your company.

To help you create criteria and questions measuring the quality of the candidate’s match with your company and your team, we offer the following exercise.

Do you need :

  • A go-getter or an analytical person?
  • A results-oriented person or a person focused on complex problems to solve?
  • Someone who can evaluate their own work or someone who needs feedback?
  • A person capable of making decisions or a person who executes?
  • A person who likes change or a person who likes stability?

You must define the ideal profile for the position to be filled based on your internal and external environment. For example, if you are in an environment where it is impossible for you to give constant feedback to your employees, choose an autonomous and confident person who will be able to evaluate and assess their performance according to their own standards and their own understanding. of your quality standards. Do customers give automatic feedback to your employees? So it can be very rewarding if the person also demonstrates good stress tolerance. Because customers can be satisfied, but they can also be dissatisfied.

You can also define what behaviors and mechanisms would complement those of your employees in order to correct an imbalance in the team. If the team is already strong and does not demonstrate any major shortcomings, you can then look for behaviors and mechanisms that are identical to those of your employees in order to cultivate their strong cohesion. With either of these strategies, not only will you recruit a person who will integrate quickly, but you will also gain organizational efficiency.

Integrate these new criteria into your interview questionnaires in order to evaluate your candidates beyond the formalities!


Médina Cayer

Managing Director, Co-Founder & Partner

Accredited professional coach & approved trainer

Certified management consultant

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