Drones or a lottery to combat the labor shortage?

On February 19, I had the chance to speak with several major business leaders from the Matawinie region as part of a human resources management conference. During this event, we looked at a major subject: talent attraction.

In the context of the current labor shortage, we collectively brainstormed innovative strategies for attracting talent by focusing our thinking on the following three avenues: the needs of employees, candidate experience and creativity. Why not share the experience with you!

We all know that the needs of employees have now changed. The majority of organizations have also migrated towards participatory management, flexible working hours, work-life balance, skills development, etc. Is it possible to go further? Yes quite ! I would like to share with you a great initiative from a summer camp owner who opened up to her community the possibility of bringing the employee experience to the family and close friends of her employees for a weekend. This very simple initiative allows it to create hundreds of ambassadors each year. What’s better than good spokespersons to attract new talent?

When it comes to creativity and innovation, it is important to understand that there are no bad ideas, as long as they are consistent with your organization. I would like to share with you two crazy ideas raised by leaders met at the conference: distribute jobs in the form of drones or a lottery. What can we do with these ideas? The example of drones could be used in schools and parks. The lottery example could be used for a production line where several workers must be recruited at the same time. With one code you get a job, with another code you get another. Does it matter where the employee ends up in the chain? No. Could this event help attract candidates? Certainly ! Will these candidates remember their experience? Yes quite. So why not ? The goal here is to avoid creating barriers or limits for yourself. Dare to be creative and innovative in your recruitment methods!

In conclusion, whether your recruitment methods are traditional or innovative, take care of your candidates from the first contact. The important thing is to create a process that suits you. Remember that the candidate experience is at the root of the employee experience and that it helps generate interest, commitment and mobilization of staff. And what can you do to put your organization at the forefront? We want to hear from you!


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