Your performance appraisal form is gathering dust

Over the years and after numerous discussions with managers, I must admit to an unfortunate observation:despite their understanding of the added value of the performance evaluation process, many of them neglect to really invest in it, considering that the process is long and painful. Others do it, but in a hurry to get rid of it. The end result is often biased, incomplete and not aligned with the organization’s objectives. EVERYONE loses in this exercise: the employee, the manager and the organization!

Frozen in time, rigid and outdated, the traditional evaluation form undoubtedly no longer meets needs. It must first be seen as the key tool for starting an in-depth conversation about the efforts made, the achievement of results and individual and collective development.

How can we adapt performance evaluation to facilitate the manager’s work and to create a real positive impact on both the employee and the organization?

Adapt the tool to the culture of the organization and the socio-professional profiles of employees

Base your strategic thinking on the skills and abilities sought by your organization according to its mission, vision and values. I invite you to think about both the form and content of your evaluation tool, the choice of words and the dimensions you wish to measure. Your form, what does it say about your organization and about you?

Let’s take an organization X which wishes to evaluate the level of collaboration among all staff:

#1For administrative professionals, let’s spark an open discussion aimed at setting a goal for the coming year.

#2For machine operators, identify observable behaviors that allow for open discussion and, where necessary, realignment with organizational expectations.

#3For a team of young students, why not use emojis to generate attention and openness?

Adapt your tool to your groups of employees and you will see that they will more easily engage in the evaluation process and invest in their professional development process.

The Iceberg Management team supports several organizations in the design and review of evaluation forms. Avant-garde practices and proven models guaranteed!


Ariane Legault

Organizational development consultant

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