How to become an exceptional leader

The managerial practices used ten years ago are no longer adapted to our current reality. As you know, the world of work has evolved and new leadership styles have emerged. Numerous researches in neuroscience corroborate this: emotional intelligence is full of multiple skills useful to management. Develop your skills in this area and you will, in turn, develop conscious leadership.

According to Estelle Morin, professor atHECand director ofCenter for Research and Intervention for Work, Organizational Effectiveness and Health, emotional intelligence encompasses the following skills:

  1. Self-awareness:accept your emotions and build a positive self-image;
  2. Self-management:manage your emotions and control your impulses;
  3. Awareness of others:consider others with sensitivity and empathy;
  4. Managing your relationships:adapt and manage conflicts in collaboration.

The conscious leader perceives his own emotions as well as those of others, understands the needs to be met, uses and regulates his emotions to achieve a clearly defined objective, puts himself at the service of others, contributes to the success of his team and establishes strong connections with the people around him. You will have understood: these skills shape the best leaders!

Do you have what it takes to become an exceptional leader?

Are you able to manage your emotions?

Do you want to transform them into powerful vectors of success?

To develop your emotional intelligence, you can start by increasing your emotional agility. Avoid pitfalls by naming your emotions, creating space between your emotions and your actions, choosing the best strategy and acting in accordance with your values. The better your self-control will be, the better your relationships will be with others, themselves based on collaboration.

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