Why you need to adopt new HR trends: it’s not what you think

Beyond the need to stay current to attract the workforce or for fear of disinteresting increasingly demanding employees with their requests, the need to adopt new trends in human resources management lies in the human factor, and not in the marketing factor.

And this factor is within your reach, perhaps even more than the marketing factor. Are you listening to your employees? If so, how are you?

The well-established programs of HR departments are necessary and do not deserve to be thrown in the trash, nor to be completely reinvented by a committee of employees who do not have the knowledge of best business practices in human resources.

However, employee committees can judiciously “humanize” your programs. Whether it is a program or process of recruitment, training, development of “high potentials”, appreciation of contribution, recognition, disciplinary measures or overall remuneration, have you asked yourself if this Did it meet the needs of your humans, not just the needs of your organization?

Employees who are faithful and loyal to their employer will experience several cycles during their lives: young single people, young families, adolescents with special needs, aging parents, not to mention bereavements and the hazards of separations. This means that the needs of your employees will change during their employment. Are your programs flexible enough to satisfy them throughout their lives? Why not ?

For example, beyond hammocks, dogs and yoga in the office, is your total compensation program flexible to offer varied compensation that respects the needs of your employees? Can the employee, at the end of the year or at the end of each shift, obtain a share of the profits which he can choose to invest in his vacation bank, in an RRSP, in recognized training, in a professional coaching service, in a tax-sheltered gift certificate (up to $700), or even use it to cover your insurance premium deducted from your pay?

Do you already have all these programs but your employees don’t take advantage of them? You should know why. Otherwise, you have to ask them.

Listening to your employees is the trend. Employees like to feel that their unique needs are understood, this makes them feel valued and encourages them to stay with you. Why go elsewhere if my employer understands me and meets my evolving needs?

Need to know where to start? We can help you.


Julie Tardif

Sales Director, Co-founder & Partner

Approved speaker and trainer

Human resources consultant

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