Get around the labor shortage by better retaining your employees

There is no magic recipe for tackling the labor shortage. Why not better retain your employees?

To achieve this, you must rely on several elements, including counting on the ability of your managers to mobilize and retain your employees, especially the most talented, who are undoubtedly eyed by your competitors and approached by headhunters.

As managers are the ones who, the majority of the time, have the employee experience in their hands, they must master several skills such as communication, leadership, empathy, adaptability and influence, to name only these. Are you currently investing in developing these skills among your managers?

Not only must managers master a range of skills, they must also keep their knowledge of best management practices up to date. It is by constantly learning that they will be able to have the tools to retain and mobilize employees, and allow them to deploy their full potential. Tons of training are available on the market to better understand the levers of mobilization and retention. So focus on training your managers every year, and not just on approaching special development projects.

Continuing training is a shared responsibility between employees and the employer. Either managers must also invest in upgrading their skills during their career. Are you communicating it enough? How do you support them in their professional development?

Knowing how to use the strengths of your group allows for optimal productivity. Imagine if your managers developed this skill: you would have fewer departures and fewer non-quality costs. Because recruitment is expensive (0.5 to 2 times the salary of the employee who left) and therefore it is wise to invest in the skills of your managers so that they are able to retain employees already in place. You would thus get around the problem of labor shortages and make life easier for your recruiters who will be able to concentrate on filling the job creations that witness your growth.


Julie Tardif

Sales Director, Co-founder & Partner

Approved speaker and trainer

Human resources consultant

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