Your HR practices can also be tech!

In a context of constant transformation, companies must promote continuous improvement and anticipate the changes caused by the digital shift. Obviously, technological progress does not escape the field of human resources and is also transforming the organization of work.

The digital shift brings new ways of collaborating and communicating. Human capital management is therefore constantly evolving through innovation and technological progress. Now, how can you improve your HR processes by taking advantage of information technology? By integrating them more into your recruitment strategies!

Recruitment is one of the aspects of human resources management that benefits from the contribution of new technologies with mobile communication and the influence of social networks. Being the bane of the moment, corporate recruitment deserves to be rethought. Why not implement a mobile application or a recruitment portal on your website that would allow your candidate to follow the status of their application at all times? Their candidate experience will be improved by eliminating a major source of stress for job seekers: the uncertainty of processing the application.

Other applications such as ATS, as well as certain job search sites, have modules for automatic sorting of applications. Based on pre-established filters and requirements, you will see the best candidates at a glance. This will therefore significantly reduce the time needed to fill your position.

You can also go further! Once your employee is hired, why not personalize their integration via an integration portal on an intranet or on a mobile application allowing them to familiarize themselves with their new environment: presentation of the company and new colleagues, training to follow , information on group insurance, employee guide, policies, etc. ?

Finally, no matter which HR process you want to improve with technology, remember that this must be done based on the analysis of your own needs and not just based on the latest digital fashion. Ultimately, new technologies only support your company’s vision and strategies.


Noellie Dias

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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