Innovation or failure?

Information technologies are put forward to ensure the smooth running of activities related to human resources management. However, many SMEs remain hesitant to move forward with large-scale, expensive projects. The fear of complicating processes already in place or the possibility of failure have a lot to do with it. Add to this a strong resistance to change and you have an organizational culture that inhibits innovation.

Technologies allow us to automate many HR activities that can be energy-consuming and tedious for managers. Several tools are available on the market: ATS to facilitate the recruitment process, human capital management software to follow up on employee files (training, performance and career development), applications for time management and attendance, virtual office platforms for teleworking, etc.

The possibilities are endless and you shouldn’t hesitate to use new technologies to make your life easier. On the other hand, we must at all costs avoid THE trap that companies regularly fall into: lack of preparation! To avoid disaster, it is essential to develop a solid innovation strategy. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Create conditions for success for innovation, linked to company strategies
  • Determine HR technology needs
  • Determine the objectives to be achieved through innovation
  • Research and compare different solutions on the market
  • Establish deadlines and desired budget
  • Identify stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Identify the problems and risks associated with an innovation project
  • Gradually create a culture of innovation to avoid resistance to change

In addition to the lack of preparation, some companies also neglect the structure of the different stages of their project. However, it is enough to apply the methods, techniques and tools specific to project management. This could make all the difference between an acclaimed innovative project and a dismal failure.

So, what will be your next innovation project?


Elyse Marineau

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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