#COVID19: How did our consultants experience the crisis?

In this troubled period and disrupted habits, we can feel lost and experience difficulties, particularly in approaching deconfinement calmly.

So we thought of giving you some (human!) news from our dear team! Throughout the crisis, our consultants supported the firm, and they proved more essential than ever to clients. Find out about their adventures!


Mélanie Gauthier, CRHA

Mélanie was an important pillar during the crisis. It was dedicated to the immediate HR helpline for all our customers! She was therefore on the front line to answer all questions regarding COVID-19. She responded to concerns about the operational aspect, layoffs, teleworking, grant requests, and now it’s deconfinement! Thanks to a major partnership with the firm, she also invested heavily in answering HR questions from clients of a large Canadian bank.

Mélanie took advantage of each conversation to discuss the human aspect and mental health. She ensured that there was still a solid system of communication between laid-off employees and their employer. Thanks to her!

“It did me good to respond and reassure customers at the start of the crisis. I felt useful. I hate confinement because nothing happens anymore. Well, we took advantage of the crisis to redo the terrace with counters for the BBQ and next week we will sow our large 70×15 foot garden! »


Elyse Marineau, CRHA

Elyse remained very active and valuable during the crisis. In fact, she collaborated with a digital marketing agency, a large Montérégie notary firm and a major player in formwork and real estate development! In particular, she carried out internal and external equity exercises, wrote a report of recommendations for the harmonization of working conditions after a merger, and produced a new organizational chart!

Despite the crisis, she recruited 3 positions! Well done Elyse! His latest production? An operations manual that will serve as a valuable resource for the future.

“To unwind, I meet my friends on Zoom, and together we play video games! I also took the opportunity to enjoy the sun from my balcony during the sunny days. I also finished a crochet blanket that took me over two years to complete! On the other hand, I can’t wait for the restaurants to reopen! »


Noellie Dias, CRHA

During the pandemic, Noellie’s involvement was extremely appreciated. The firm’s in-house recruitment specialist, she has worked with the leading reseller of SAP solutions in Canada, a prestigious digital and graphic visual production agency, and an IT engineering firm that focuses on app development and implementation of the 5G network! It was then necessary to continue the recruitment processes for their highly strategic positions!

The challenge was to maintain proximity with candidates by offering a great personalized experience, particularly during virtual meetings. We had to transform the intangible into a very real and touching experience! Congratulations to Noellie!

“I was very busy so the confinement did not demoralize me. I experienced this as a necessary break from the hectic lives we lead. Despite the stress caused, I am grateful to have had this moment to take time for myself and focus on my loved ones. I also had the opportunity to improve in cooking and sports! »


Andrée Mantha, M.Sc., CRHA

During the crisis, Andrée stood out as a strategic asset for our firm. An expert in organizational development, she not only developed a new diagnostic method, she also conducted a survey within a large Canadian pharmaceutical company, in order to understand the structural needs of the company.

A recent HEC Masters graduate, she put her cutting-edge skills to use by disseminating best practices to her clients. She also led a recruitment process and participated in the development of a guide on best staffing practices!

“Containment was an opportunity for me to read a good detective novel by Dos Santos, to watch the series “The Invincibles” and to arrange my garden to accommodate herbs and vegetables. I also took the opportunity to make some delicious meals and drink my favorite wine, Marqués de Riscal! »

#COVID19: We maintain the trust of our customers


The companies above do not constitute all of our valued customers active during the crisis, but only those mentioned in this communication. Want to feature your business in our next newsletter?Let us know !