#Covid19 and Flexible Measures: an entrepreneur’s point of view

On June 18, 2020,Yannick Baril, CPA, CA, Vice President Finance & Administration atEnviroair Industries & Smith Energyagreed to answer our questions regarding the implementation of flexible measures within his company. He is one of the four (4) associates and his answers may inspire many:

How have the pandemic and lockdown led to the implementation of flexible measures?

 I’ve been talking about it for a long time. I wanted to implement flexible measures such as teleworking and reorganizing personal leave, as well as reducing the hours of the regular work week. I still had to convince a few colleagues so when confinement arrived, we took this opportunity to get started.

Why implement flexible measures?

I wanted to bring Enviroair into the best practices of the 21èmecentury and I wanted us to stand out from other employers. We had to adapt to overcome the debacles of confinement, become more efficient at surviving, and not fall back into our comfortable shoes after the crisis.

There was also a quality of life issue. In Ville Mont-Royal, traffic is dense and continuous. In addition, the city is not well served by public transport. Employees spent many hours in traffic and we wanted to give them back this time, so that they could use it at their disposal.

What were the challenges encountered when implementing flexible measures? ?

The team needed to move away from paper and digitize processes. The challenge of ditching paper was standardizing practices. We are now invested on a daily basis to maintain the changes because it is not just about establishing new rules; they must be applied so that the change is lasting. To achieve this, everyone must be mobilized and believe in the common goal.

What is the role of each person?

Our external human resources department (via Iceberg Management) equips managers so that they can manage this new work organization. Our HR supports managers in this implementation and in learning this new environment. The manager becomes an ambassador of these new practices, which transcends the company culture. It’s a close collaboration.

In addition, we had to free ourselves from our false beliefs and free ourselves from certain prejudices, such as thinking that working from home means a drop in productivity!

The final word:

The implementation of flexible measures has made it possible to streamline processes and reassure employees and managers. It is not a question of imposing but rather of encouraging good behavior and collaboration. To support managers in this change, Enviroair offered their managers aLeadership journey.


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