Social networks: very useful but not for everyone!

Do you know the challenges of recruitment? Of course. And social networks probably quickly come to mind as a way to post your positions and carry out your search for that rare gem. They are indeed excellent tools with powerful search engines. Let’s think about LinkedIn, the most popular media. But is this really the best way to hire all your job profiles to fill?

At the risk of disappointing you, the answer is No. Take the example of the Robert Group which was recently looking for heavy goods vehicle drivers. In order to reach its target market, the company used radio as its main recruitment media. This means of communication is much more suited to this type of job since drivers spend hours on the road listening to the radio. Would you have thought about it?

The important message we want to convey to you is the following: adapt your recruitment strategies to your target audience and success will be assured, or almost. Indeed, other strategies and other important steps remain to be taken to confirm that the hiring of a candidate is a success. Let’s think about the quality of sorting applications, the battery of means to evaluate your candidates, including the relevance of interview questions to reference checks and even the integration of the new employee. These different items may be the subject of a future subject. To be continued!


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