As part of Spring 2015 Human Resources Week (which took place from April 27 to May 1), the Order of Chartered Human Resources Advisors (CRHA) published a mini-quiz that assessed the professional motivation of Quebec workers. The results are stunning. Indeed, with only six (6) questions, the survey succeeds in overturning most of the preconceived and widely circulated myths about today’s job market.

Myth 1:
For example, if we asked passers-by during a vox-pop what Quebec workers would ask of a genius who could grant their wishes wish, it is obvious that passers-by would respond in unison “a salary increase”. However, when workers responded to the survey for themselves, 55% wanted to feel that their contribution was most appreciated, compared to 21% who wanted a salary increase. Surprising, no? Yes, but not that much… non-monetary recognition of work well done is a very powerful lever in the degree of motivation at work, a factor directly linked to employee performance. A salary increase granted without congratulations has no impact on the employee’s motivation or performance.

Myth 2:
Always according to the same principle of popular belief, if we asked during this vox-pop what Quebec workers would like to obtain from their boss ( in addition to their salary increase) following their annual performance evaluation, it is reasonable to estimate that the majority of workers would request either a promotion or more schedule flexibility or teleworking. Never mind, 61% of them hoped for a new project compatible with their fields of interest, compared to 29% who wanted a promotion and a meager 8% who wanted teleworking…

Do you want to know the other myths in order to motivate your teams and promote their performance? Go and complete the survey still available on the Ordre des CRHA website and see the results for yourself. More than 47% of Quebec workers are more motivated by the intrinsic feeling of success at work than by improving their standard of living (11%).

To take the test, contact the Iceberg Management team today.


Julie Tardif

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