#PostCovid19: recruiting excellent candidates

We had thought that the post-Covid period would be prosperous for recruitment. In recent weeks, the unemployment rate in Quebec has exceeded the 17% mark[1], a horde of candidates had to wait for our call and immediately accept the position offered and the conditions attached, whatever they may be! Unfortunately, this may well have not been the case.

The challenges are real. Currently, theCanadian Emergency Benefit(PCU) encourages people to stay at home since the minimum salary offered by companies for a full-time position (versus the PCU) is either lower or significantly higher for full-time employment. The same goes for students who usually take advantage of the summer to gain experience. For organizations, this windfall of seasonal workers allows them to get away with it during the vacation period of so-called regular employees.

However, should we pull out the red carpet and break out the champagne flutes to the precious candidates submitting their applications? Would you be surprised if I said “non » ?

If you want your organization to achieve its goals, you will need the best people. Those whose experience matches the criteria for the position. To find these, you need a recruitment process and an attraction strategy targeted according to the position, which reflects the values ​​of your organization, which allows you to evaluate candidates in terms of skills, natural talents and ‘interests. Remember that poor recruitment inflicts negative impacts on the organization, its employees and suppliers on the entire structure!

Need support to review your #PostCovid19 talent attraction strategies? Contact ustoday and recruit excellent candidates!

[1] ROSES, ÉRIC(2020, May 9). “The unemployment rate reaches 17% in Quebec”, on the siteThe duty. Accessed July 9, 2020.https://www.ledevoir.com/economie/578621/le-taux-de-chomage-atteint-17-au-quebec”>https://www.ledevoir.com/economie/578621/le-taux- unemployment-reaches-17-in-quebec


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