Act 25 : Compliance challenges for businesses

Passed in September 2021, Bill 25 marked a major turning point in Quebec’s personal data landscape. Also known as the Act to Modernize the Legal Provisions Governing the Protection of Personal Data, it presents companies with a crucial challenge. The challenge is to guarantee data protection while complying with legal requirements.

Aimed at giving citizens greater control over their personal information, the Act applies to any private company collecting, processing or communicating personal data. Understanding and complying with Law 25 is essential to avoid legal and financial consequences.

Obligations with Act 25

For Quebec companies, Bill 25 represents much more than a simple administrative constraint. It requires a complete overhaul of internal processes, heightened vigilance with regard to the security of IT systems, and a high level of staff awareness of data protection issues.

Its obligations are precise and inescapable. Companies must not only collect data in an informed manner, but also protect it, guaranteeing transparent access to the individuals concerned and correcting any inaccurate information. This means appointing a data protection officer and implementing rigorous security measures in line with legal requirements.

The challenges of Act 25

A Bill 25 compliance project is a complex challenge, requiring a strategic and coordinated approach involving a multidisciplinary team. The involvement of human resources professionals for practice management, IT experts for data security, web developers for the integration of protection measures and lawyers for legal advice is essential.

The complexity of this project lies in the interdependence of these different areas of expertise. Coordination of efforts, transparent communication, ongoing staff training and the implementation of efficient processes are essential to successfully meet this complex challenge, while ensuring adequate protection of individuals’ personal data.

Companies have until September 22 to comply with the third and final implementation phase of the Act. Do you need support? Iceberg Management offers comprehensive, integrated expertise in compliance with Law 25 through its trusted partners. We look forward to hearing from you!


Elyse Marineau

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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