Social benefits in an SME: possible mission

Benefits are a top priority for employees of all generations. However, this can become a real budgetary headache for SMEs: “How can I meet the needs of my employees without losing my shirt? Do I have options other than traditional group insurance plans and retirement plans?” Yes quite ! New alternatives are available to you, SME managers. The job market is changing and SMEs are more present than ever. It is therefore normal to see insurers adjust and to see new players entering the field of social benefits.

Now that we have this information in mind: how can we target the programs to be implemented? You will achieve this by surveying your employees on their real needs. Whether in the form of an online questionnaire, in writing or through an in-person discussion, you will obtain important data that will allow you to evaluate these options from a budgetary and operational point of view.

Now, let’s talk about the new options. To meet the need, we have seen big names in the field develop programs like “SME Plan”. This is individual insurance that the employee can purchase and for which the organization contributes in the form of a lump sum. The employee therefore has the luxury of building his insurance plan according to his needs. Not being the owner of the program, you avoid the financial burden that a group insurance program can represent while meeting the needs of your employees. Interesting, isn’t it?

We have also seen virtual healthcare platforms appear on the market. Enrolling an employee (and their family) in such a program allows them to benefit from immediate medical assistance without having to waste many hours in the emergency room. A valuable benefit if you have young parents in your organization. We are also seeing tailor-made employee assistance programs appear on the market. This can also be a great benefit to offer to your employees in need. Who hasn’t already wanted to call a qualified person for help? It’s within your reach.

What you need to remember is that you now have options adapted to your SME reality. You therefore also have the opportunity to compete with the big players in the job market and, above all, to meet an important need among your employees. So, what do you think ?


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