Happiness at work in 2022: from dream to reality

It is the year 2021 which crosses the year 2022 on a certain 31 at the stroke of midnight.

Discouraged, no longer seeing the end, the year 2021 says to its successor: “Where is happiness, where is it?”[1]

The year 2022 responds in a reassuring voice: “He is there, he is there. »[1]


Looking for happiness at work, for you and for your employees? This study might interest you and, I hope, inspire you.

According toWorld HappinessReportor “World Happiness Report” published annually by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations (UN), six factors explain most of the gap observed between the happiest and least happy countries.

(For those curious, Canada ranks 14erank according to the 2021 Global Happiness Index, 1errank being occupied by Finland and the last rank by Afghanistan.)

These six factors are:

1. Belonging to a community;
2. Freedom;
3. Health;
4. Kindness;
5. Confidence;
6. Money.

Concrete actions carried out around these six factors

It was by reading Meik Wiking’s book[2], president of the Copenhagen Happiness Research Institute, that I learned more about these six factors. This book is the result of the research he carried out in the field, in the four corners of the world, to discover the concrete actions undertaken by countries populated by happy people to “create” themselves. happiness. The book is therefore a collection of several initiatives, linked to each of the six factors, but not exclusively affecting the professional sphere of life.

So, while reading this book, I wondered what companies could do, in relation to the six contributing factors to happiness revealed by the UN study, to “create” happiness. This questioning inspired me to write a white paper (E-Book) on the theme of happiness at work.   In this book,which will be available next March,I will dedicate an article to each of the six factors. I will explore the reasons why these factors contribute to happiness and give concrete examples of actions that can be initiated in workplaces to “create” happiness.


[1]Lyrics by authors Christophe Maé and Paul École (Album:The dreamcatcher, Warner Music).

[2]Wiking, M. (2017).The Book of Lykke [pronounced LU-KEU] – The world tour of happy people.Paris, France: First Editions.


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