Successes in times of pandemic: because good news is good

While we felt the recovery taking hold more firmly, the 2nd wave is knocking on our doors, with all its share of constraints and uncertainties.

But during this time, companies are making a name for themselves. Innovate. Mobilise themselves. And thanks to the remark of a candidate in an interview last week who invited us to be less humble and more talkative about our successes, we thought we would tell you about the successes of our clients, and give you an overview of the market. It’s time to take stock.

All industries are affected

Whether upwards, downwards, growing or strong precarious, sometimes already in financial difficulties, the pandemic has left no one indifferent. We advised our clients every day without respite, designed contingency and continuity plans, audited HR functions and implemented teleworking in a healthy and planned manner, instead of giving free rein to improvisation. Our clients remained fully operational, and sometimes had temporary layoffs. Many of them have innovated, leaving their competition speechless. Special congratulations to our client Bernard & Fils Traiteur, who after specializing in large-scale events and having had to make heartbreaking forced layoffs of the resources he had managed to attract, reinvented himself and launched new culinary solutions with Philiber.

Improving working conditions is still relevant

We We clearly felt a slowdown in investment projects for… 2 weeks. When PACME appeared, many companies wanted to take advantage of it and the Iceberg team was there for them. No less than 33 new mandates began in the midst of the crisis and confinement, in addition to the regular clients we still served. 12 new mandates were added in the summer, and gave our team no respite. A special mention to our NPO clients who have maintained their investments in improving working conditions, in particular Acfas and the Jeunes en Tête Foundation, who wished to improve their overall compensation program and become even more attractive as an employer.

Leadership journeys have transformed decision-makers and their organizations

One of our areas of service that was most requested is the transformation of human capital, through training and professional coaching. Although the training has filled many knowledge gaps and increased the competitive advantage of organizations, the Iceberg team has gone further than its now VERY popular online courses! By designing a tailor-made leadership course for companies, my partner Médina Cayer has coached more than 35 managers and senior leaders on the best practices of conscious leadership. 35. Just the number speaks for itself. This means that many individuals are energized and pumped up to attack the economic recovery. Our congratulations to Projexia, Enviroair, Groupe CIS, Bessette Notaires, Options Consommateurs, Viandes Seficlo and several others, who have invested in THE resource that guarantees them a most promising future: Humans.

Figures that speak

Distribution of mandate types at Iceberg Management during the first wave:</em

Delegate your human resources

Structure your organizational development 19


Transform your human capital 31


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