PACME: How do I choose my training?

Training offers abound at the moment. In this myriad of infinite possibilities, how do you choose the training that will best meet the needs of your team? Below are our tips to guide your thinking!

Take stock of your skills

You may not realize it, but you already have an arsenal of data collection tools to identify your needs.

  • First, analyze your performance evaluations to identify the talents to be enriched and the areas to be developed.
  • Then, reread your strategic plan: are the mission, vision, values ​​respected? Do you notice any discrepancies with your actual practices?
  • Then run through the survey results to your employees. Also analyze surveys sent to customers to find out their suggestions.
  • Finally, review the exit interviews: what were the suggested areas for improvement?

Then take stock: Where is my team? But, to answer this last question, you will need to understand the nuance between the needs linked toKnow, AtExpertise, and atKnow-how.

Knowledge through training

Training is relevant if you want your employees to understand the foundations of relational and managerial skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, or stress management.

These training courses are decisive for the careers of leaders and managers, and put management expectations on the table. During these sessions, you will focus, for example, on inspirational leadership, governance practices or even best management practices.

Know-how through facilitation

Facilitation workshops use interactions to develop collaboration and collective intelligence. Do you want to improve the creativity of your design team, create a new process or change the scripts of your sales team? This skill development method is the one you need!

Soft skills through professional coaching

Professional coaching revolves around attitude, mental posture and behaviors. Have you ever wondered if your communication, as a leader, is really effective? What if expressing your emotions puts employees in a loop of engagement and disengagement? If your behaviors do not give the desired results, introspection and deprogramming bad habits through coaching is preferred to master training.

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Julie Tardif

Sales Director, Co-founder & Partner

Approved speaker and trainer

Human resources consultant

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