Team coaching: transforming your managers into leaders

We often talk about coaching managers in the development of their skills. However, how do you choose the most appropriate coaching? How do you ensure that you give the same opportunities to all your managers, knowing that they do not have the same skills to develop? Another question that is on the minds of training managers: how can we succeed in developing the abilities of managers to work as a team and to be a functional team? Iceberg Management has certainly developed the ideal coaching for your teams. If you don’t know it yet, we talk to you in this article about team coaching: transform your managers into leaders.


Training or coaching, what to choose?


When it comes to training managers, there are two options. The first is to organize training sessions on specific and structured topics. The second option is to offer managers the services of a professional coach. Through coaching, managers focus individually on areas that need to be worked on and develop their skills and leadership. Both options are excellent and both have been proven to work. However, at Iceberg Management we don’t settle for what works. We like to dive under the water to find innovative approaches that go even further.


The team coaching


With this desire for continuous improvement, one of the 4 values of Iceberg Management, Medina Cayer has built in 2019 the Leadership Path. This course is a program combining individual and collective approach. It is a minimum 6 months course that can be extended over one year. The objective of the Leadership Path is to increase the performance and sound management of teams through the development, in action, of the maturity of the group. It aims to strengthen the individual and collective skills required for optimal functioning. In other words, when we accompany the managers of a company in a Leadership Path, we aim to improve the work of the management team through the development of leadership skills.


The coaching team: by whom and for whom?


The team coaching is designed for first-level managers and management teams. The goal is for everyone to develop new skills, learn to work in a team and develop their leadership skills to become a better manager for their team. A professional coach, certified by the ICF, leads each meeting. Thus, the coach is able to challenge the teams to go beyond what some beliefs allowed until now.

We offer three options for intervention in team meetings. We offer training, facilitation and team coaching. Each of these interventions has its own method and objective and is based on a theme defined in collaboration with the prescribing committee.



These meetings allow teams to work on specific themes while being challenged by the coach in order to build sustainable internal working methods.


Individual meetings include

Throughout the Leadership Path, we take a strong interest in the personality of managers. We want them to become aware of their strengths and capitalize on them. Each participant takes various psychometric tests, including the Ataman Co. test. During the coaching sessions, the coach helps the manager to understand the impact of his personality on his management style. The coach helps the manager define his objectives and ensures that he has all the necessary tools to appropriate the various contents discussed during the team meetings. The coach is a real partner for the manager who wishes to remove the barriers preventing him/her from progressing in the development of his/her skills.


A leadership path in your company

The structure of the leadership path is established, however its contents are flexible. As always at Iceberg Management, we want to bring you quality content that meets your needs. If you would like to know exactly how a leadership course would work, how long it would take, what type of content would be appropriate for your team, and how much it would cost, contact us. We can set up an initial virtual call to discuss your needs and answer your questions.


We look forward to meeting you.


By Ophélie Terrien, MSc, PCC

Editor of the HR Espace Conseils blog – Iceberg Management