The ABCs of Human Resources Week

You hear about #HRWeek and you’re not sure if this movement is for you and your company. You’re also not sure whether Human Resources Week is about recognizing the work of HR professionals or that of all employees combined, those we affectionately call “our human resources.” Here is the primer you need to participate in the movement this year:

Mission : “ recognize the value of all those who make Quebec businesses successful ”.

Already here we clarify that the movement is indeed aimed at you.

Instigator:The Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors (CRHA)

Targeted participants:all organizations

How to participate: emphasize your appreciation of the work done by your employees

Read our article on the subject: <a href=" 5-facons-simples-dy-participer/

Dates to participate:April 24 to 28, 2017

Age of the movement: 5 years of existence

Origins: Administrative Staff Week which takes place at the same time, and International Secretaries Day which is always on Wednesday of the same week , this year on April 26, 2017.

Oh yeah? Did Secretaries Week inspire Human Resources Week?  Of course! It was necessary to extend the mission of the movement to bring together ALL the resources that contribute to the success of organizations!

Let’s do some HR history together.

International Secretaries Day was born out of a desire to recognize the value of the work carried out by administrative support staff. While managers often receive corporate praise to recognize the achievement of their objectives, the work of administrative support staff goes unmentioned. Yet, what would we do without the support staff? And the technical staff? What about the professionals and experts who are essential to the development of the organization but who are not leaders? Not much. It takes more Indians than chiefs.

This important international recognition movement began in the 1950s. Indeed, “it’s from the 1st On June 7, 1952, the first Secretary’s Week was held,and the movement has continued to reinvent itself ever since.

However, Secretary’s Week had a double objective that is still VERY relevant today: not only did the founders want to“recognize the contribution of secretaries to the economy, since their skills, loyalty and efficiency allow businesses and government offices to be able to carry out their daily activities”but also their initiative was “&nbsp ;created as part of a major advertising campaign which aimed to find a solution to a shortage of qualified human resources in this field”! Look how current it is…

However, the CRHAs wanted to increase the opportunities for recognition at the level of all employees of all organizations, and invite them to show their appreciation loud and clear with respect to all their human resources. (Great!)

It is therefore at the dawn of this important movement that Iceberg Management will exceptionally send you 3 targeted newsletters to inspire you to participate a little, a lot, or madness…!

Source: to read the excellent article on the history of this movement recounted by the Association of Administrative Support Personnel of Quebec (APSAQ):


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