Non-monetary recognition: a free, significant but yet shunned lever

Saying thank you could be worth more than gold. For what ? According to a study on the level of employee engagement which was subsidized by Badgeville, an American company recognized in the field of “gamification”, of the 1,200 employees surveyed, 83% of respondents reported that recognition was more rewarding than gifts or rewards. What’s more, 88% of respondents admit that their boss’s praise is very or extremely motivating. Are you wondering how to give recognition to your employees? You are only limited by your imagination!

Integrate recognition into your usual interactions

  • During team meetings, recognize employees for their contribution to projects: for their research work thorough, for their well-made presentations, for on-time delivery or for establishing excellent relationships with stakeholders
  • Before you leave the office at the end of the day, take note of the individuals who made a difference that day. Send them a quick email to thank them, or even keep some little blank cards in which you can write a thank you note to the people in question and, subtly, leave them on their desks…

Offer special attention