Human Resources Week: 5 easy ways to participate

Have you thought lately about what your business would be like without its most valuable assets? Your employees are the soul of your business, the engine of your operations and, in large part, the reason you have happy customers. As the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors (CRHA) says, human resources week is a perfect opportunity ”to recognize the value of all those who make Quebec businesses successful ”.

Or from April 24 to 28, 2017, a movement will take place throughout Quebec on the occasion of Human Resources Week. How to participate without spending your entire annual event budget?

Here are 5 ways:

  1. We write: this is the perfect opportunity to say THANK YOU! A simple, concise message from management will go a long way. An individual card or an in-person testimonial during a team meeting, even more.
  2. We’re talking: when was the last time you toured the workstations to exchange a few words with your team, to create a personal connection , and tell them that you appreciate their work, their efforts and their commitment? This is a good time to put it on the agenda.
  3. We pay:Are your employees engaged to the point where they refer their friends and family members to come work for you? This is a great time to launch a rewards program for employees who refer candidates who are ultimately hired.
  4. We’re going out: there hasn’t been any activity since Christmas dinner? This is the right time to do some “team building”, a small friendly gathering or a simple 5 to 7 in the cafeteria, a fun activity that aims to recognize the efforts of your employees. Will you go to the sugar shack? Take this opportunity to show your appreciation and highlight #RHWeek
  5. We identify ourselves:Is it not possible to do a team activity? A photo session or a montage of photos from the last year highlighting your human resources will certainly be an unforgettable public recognition!

Of these 5 easy suggestions for participating in Human Resources Week this year, do them all or choose from in one and put your personal touch on it…

The main thing is to say THANK YOU!


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