For attention that stands out

During a #CultureFest training on innovative corporate cultures, I was literally “flabergasted” by the personalized attention of the speakers in the preparation of the material and in the care of the creation of our experience. Let me explain.

Upon arrival, we each received a personalized participant notebook with a super warm welcome note. Then, during our respective presentations, we had to reveal to the rest of the group that it was our favorite snack, just to break the ice. A great way to start you might say, but that’s not the craziest part: when we returned from a biological break at the end of the day, our so-called snack was on our desk!

I stood there frozen, not believing that I had my Ferrero Rochers on my desk and that my neighbors had had their ice cream cone, their candy, their chips, their sushi and even their poutine!

It was completely crazy! When did they have time to stock up on our personal preferences? Mega attention!

And you, what would leave your employees speechless? How to innovate in expressing your gratitude? Here are some simple, inexpensive and, above all, heart-warming examples!

  1. Take the time to recognize on the spot. Get up from your chair. Go shake a hand. Go buy a treat. Don’t wait for the next team meeting, instead be spontaneous. It will be even more appreciated.
  2. Use your common spaces to leave little words lying around that bring a smile or a pat on the back. The coffee machine, the internal bulletin board, the office, be creative with post-its!
  3. Promote solidarity and camaraderie. Encourage and stimulate employees to recognize each other. A competition is often very popular.
  4. Become caring. Imagine the employee who comes to work on their birthday (or employment anniversary) and finds a present designed just for them. Nothing too complicated: the employee’s favorite dessert, the book he’s been talking about for a few days, registration for a desired training course, a bouquet of flowers, balloons, a mosaic of words signed by colleagues, and I on the way !

These are simple, original and effective actions that will allow you to build loyalty and enrich the experience of your employees. Even more, soon you will be jubilant to please them and they will want to do the same. I am sure that your clients will be the first victims of this chain of happiness at work and you will see the return on investment. That’s guaranteed!


Noellie Dias

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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