20 ideas for adopting health and wellness at work

The trend is on and health and wellness programs are becoming more and more popular in businesses. Gyms, yoga subscriptions, ergonomic offices, “ you name it“, everything is there to promote a company that is conscientious about your health and, at the same time, attract new talents.

However, don’t jump into the trend just to be “cool”.in ”. The key to success lies in a firm commitment from management to health and wellness objectives and in the consistency of the organization’s actions. Management must believe it. Your health and wellness practices and policies must align with your current organizational culture and encourage healthy and motivating behaviors so that employees are on board. And not everyone will get on board with your initiatives, hence the importance of being consistent and mobilizing your ambassadors to help others! Give yourself time. Give yourself a communications plan. The adoption of a health and wellness policy, before it becomes a culture, must be a priority within the company so that it becomes an integral part of the employee experience.

So, what should you choose to promote health and well-being at work?

Your choice, whatever it may be, will be effective and mobilizing when it encompasses issues or areas of interest raised by your employees:

Healthy lifestyle: incentives for active living, walking club, badminton team, yoga classes, healthy snacks, pizza meals changed to healthy lunch boxes, chair massage, conscious breathing, lunch conferences led by health professionals; : nutritionist, running coach, personal trainer, be creative! ;

Work-life balance: teleworking, schedule flexibility, subscription to a family doctors cooperative, subscription to meals delivered to your home, workplace daycare, family activities organized by the company;

Working environment: ergonomic offices and workspace layout, harassment prevention policy, code of civility, organizational values, professional coach available to employees, dissident managers called to order and developed on best management practices;

Management practices: Employee assistance program, mental health prevention, availability of human resources professionals, work organization, development of stress management tools, etc.

And several other ideas are available!

Indeed, you can also count on initiatives such as thetelemedecineand themobile appswhich also improve the quality of life at work, one gesture at a time.

Think about it! Your employees will thank you!



Noellie Dias

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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