Why Iceberg?

Our history

Iceberg Management was born from the metaphor that strikes the imagination: the tip of the iceberg represents only a tiny part of reality. It is said that more than 85% of its mass is hidden under water… but when you get close to it, you find it very high and majestic. So is it really bigger underneath?

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Find out what’s underwater

Passing close to icebergs allows us to see the immensity of the turquoise ice that is submerged. So the metaphor applies perfectly to organizations. But why is that?

Because clients often see only the symptoms of problems affecting their organization, the Iceberg Management team invites them to dive underwater to discover the real causes and apply sustainable solutions.

The Iceberg Festival in Newfoundland

To find out more about their origins, the firm’s co-founders and partners went to explore these wonders of nature up close, directly in their natural habitat, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Because they fully embrace the concept of the iceberg in their work methods, Julie and Medina made the trip to Newfoundland to participate in the Iceberg Festival held in St. Anthony in June 2016. Anthony au mois de Juin 2016.

Not only did they meet some very interesting people and learn more about the mysterious icebergs, they were also able to count on their beautiful friendship to celebrate their first successful year as entrepreneurs. In fact, no less than 40 clients benefited from their expertise during their first 12 months, totalling more than 1,500 hours of consultation. This accomplishment allowed them to proudly double their team size to better meet the growing demand of their clients.

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The Iceberg and our clients

Did you know that it takes 2 years for an iceberg to become visible off the coast of Newfoundland? And that it took nearly 25,000 to break free from its glacier in Greenland? And you would like the results of your change management to be felt overnight? Never mind! All good food takes time, and this is especially true with the wonders of nature. So you need to be patient, and prepare yourself very well to reap the expected fruits. Because don’t see Iceberg who wants to! The winds move icebergs during the night, and can leave us perplexed in the morning…

The crack of a sparkling blue is a small miracle of Mother Nature. The pure water that froze about 25,000 years ago appears to us as a turquoise light in the centre of a condensed block of snow. What if that blue light represented your best people? Would you be able to make good use of it, like the Newfoundlanders who harvest this pure water and bottle it at the source to the delight of its inhabitants?

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