Time is a paid remuneration

As a human resources advisor, I am regularly asked the same question regarding talent attraction in SMEs: “How can I attract and retain the right candidates knowing that our compensation system does not allow us to do so?” »

The question is all the more relevant since two factors are influencing the labor market in 2019: the labor shortage and the perception of work by the new generation. If salary is no longer what makes employees’ hearts beat, what should we do to stand out as employers? My answer: theTIME.

Indeed, employees want time… time to take care of the family, to play sports, to go on a trip or even to complete personal projects. Time is a rare commodity both in our personal and professional lives. And yet, it has inestimable value!
For an employer, it is a much less expensive alternative than a salary increase while offering great sustainability to the motivation of individuals. In other words, theTIMEIt’s not free.

To stimulate your thinking, here are some ideas that have been, let’s say, a great success with our clients:

  • a bank of hours for physical activities;
  • leave bonuses for performance;
  • a half-day schedule arrangement;
  • 9 days worked out of 10;
  • personal days instead of sick days;
  • a summer schedule;
  • a public holiday for employee’s day.

To attract the right candidates and keep your employees happy, you have to understand what they are looking for and be creative! There are so many ways to arrange theTIME. You just need to find the ones that best suit your reality and promote them.

In short, I invite you to take theTIMEto continue the discussion with one of our recruitment experts. We will be happy to develop your attraction strategy, throughTIME !


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