Why take the time to celebrate successes

At dawn of the 5eanniversary of Iceberg Management, the team is inhabited by two feelings: pride and fatigue. Should we be ashamed to name one of the two feelings? If yes which ?

It is quite normal that after several years of hard work, the mind and body feel tired. And with the hectic pace of the business world, the ever-growing economy and ever-increasing demands, I am sure that this feeling of fatigue resonates with many of you. One more reason to take the time. One more reason to celebrate success.

Celebrating success builds a sense of pride. When we symbolize success, we can more easily anchor pride which will serve as our engine, our propellant, when fatigue rears its ugly head. Pride will also help to overshadow discouragement and imposter syndrome. It’s a cycle, a balance that we must give ourselves, between the fatigue of hard work and taking the time to reward ourselves, to nourish our pride.

Reward yourself to nourish your pride and combat fatigue you say? I imagine several of them going up to the barricades. The cause and effect link seems difficult to make? The fight over pride is not won in advance. Culturally in Quebec, we prefer to say that we are tired of working hard rather than being proud of what we have accomplished. As if being proud of something takes pride away from others. Martin Matte also speaks openly about this fight he is waging against this Quebec culture which tends to be ashamed of success.[1].

But taking the time to celebrate, to congratulate yourself, to reward yourself is precisely a question of mental health. In addition to raising our inner dialogue which sometimes tends to be “negative”, anchoring feelings of pride restores energy, allows us to not only see the challenges to be met, gives room for accomplishments and changes the outlook in a positive way on their background, their skills and their abilities.

When we invite companies to celebrate their success, to organize a party, we often hear “we don’t have time”, “we didn’t have time” or “we don’t have the money”. Sometimes these same people have time to train for triathlons or take more than one trip per year. If these activities allow you to reward yourself individually, it would be beneficial to expand the circle of pride to the team which is co-responsible for the success of the company.

And how do you celebrate and symbolize success? Shall we talk about it at our party on February 5?Click here for more details and to register!


[1]Martin Matte against the Quebec culture of shame of success. 2 minute excerpt that sums it all up:https://ici.artv.ca/videos/video/pour-exiger-martin-matte-vantardise%20/


Julie Tardif

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