Having a unified human resources strategy: yes I want it!

Best practices are often known to managers but sometimes struggle to be put into practice. Lack of time, lack of resources, lack of vision, whatever the reason, there is always someone who wants results faster, in accordance with our propensity for immediacy. What if we took the time to unify our human resources strategies, for greater consistency and greater adherence to our programs, thus ensuring a better return on investment?

Predicting and anticipating are not sexy words in the age of agility. However, by wanting to be too reactive, we forget to be proactive. The good old methods of collecting data, planning actions and measuring results are still relevant, and companies that plan instead of improvise are strongly rewarded. Here are 6 simple steps to unifying your human resources strategies:

  1. Reread the company’s strategic orientations, its mission, its vision and its values.
  2. Collect internal data, among other things through interviews with departure, complaints from managers and, please, survey your employees.
  3. Establish objectives and an action plan for the HR function, consistent with the first two steps.
  4. Obtain formal commitment from senior management, and massively communicate your intentions for continuous improvement.
  5. Measure your results and adjust regularly along the way.

Communicate your successes and developments. Don’t take for granted that everyone has the same visibility on your progress! HR strategies are often seen as initiatives or new ideas. If you want to give your strategies the strategic aspect they deserve, stop improvising and instead aim for consistency with other efforts deployed by the entire organization. When we join forces, we obtain what looks like a strategic plan. I’ll let you count the positive impacts.


Julie Tardif

Sales Director, Co-founder & Partner

Approved speaker and trainer

Human resources consultant

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