Still performance management in 2019? Yes please!

Are you the head of a department and you have staff to supervise? Performance management is therefore (still!) an essential step in your practice as a manager. Why that ?

Because it allows you to give recognition and recognition is lacking in companies. Remember that performance management is a system, not a task. In fact, it is a set of daily practices that aim to maximize the potential of your employees and increase their level of satisfaction. Performance evaluation, or contribution assessment as we like to call it at Iceberg Management, is a part of this system. Some view this step negatively while others see it more as an opportunity for participatory exchanges.

So how do you make performance management exciting for both employer and employee?

Appreciating contribution is an opportune time to reiterate job requirements, including updating job descriptions. It is also an opportunity to determine SMART objectives with your employee and even develop them with a SMARTER+ approach. You can also discuss the tools available to the employee: training, human and material resources, coaching possibilities, etc. Indeed, these tools will support the achievement of their objectives and, thereby, promote their motivation and commitment.

Of course, the evaluation deals with the objectives and expected behaviors, but you must absolutely recognize the employee’s contribution, his participation, his creative contribution, his team spirit and his sense of surpassing himself. And you should definitely not hesitate to reward him afterwards.

By integrating recognition, your performance management will be more positive, effective and relevant, which will make it attractive!


Noellie Dias

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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