Performance evaluation: 2019 trends

Performance appraisal is an unloved process in human resources management. Uncomfortable on an interpersonal level, embarrassing in its administrative burden and roundly criticized for its relevance, several companies are abandoning it. Some will even tell you that this practice is archaic and that it no longer has its place in our organizations. Really ?

Before throwing it in the trash, consider adapting it to the new realities of the job market: make it a programappreciation of the contribution. Not only the term “contribution” adds a positive connotation to the process, but it recognizes the employee as a key player in the success of your organization. You will then mobilize your employees towards optimal performance in addition to giving meaning to their work.

Remember that, above all, your employees want feedback and recognition. They want to be appreciated, and what better way to show them that than a formal meeting? Take my word for it, it’s not just Iceberg Management telling you this. All the major surveys of workers mention this: this is a strong trend. Be part of the flow!

Iceberg Management is currently working on writing an e-book which will bring together the best business practices according to the latest labor market trends. Pre-order your e-book and receive $500 off your next mandate. *

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Elyse Marineau

Organizational development consultant

Specialized in human resources

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