The purpose
Allows you to remotely or in-person use the consulting role of an HR expert, part-time or on-call, rather than hiring him or her as a full-time employee.
Our method
We accompany your managers in the service to employees and take charge of the activities they delegate to us, as if we were an integral part of the team.
Our way

  • Outsourcing
  • Interim on site
  • Virtual Support
  • Continuous service contract or à la carte requests

Our expertise

  • Recruitment
  • Employment integration
  • Corporate Policies
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Dismissal
  • Compliance with labour laws
  • Pay Equity
  • Decision support

Our work
on a daily baisis

  • Recruitment, selection and hiring of staff
  • Welcoming and integrating new employees
  • Validation of wage competitiveness in the market place

  • Writing of job descriptions and organization chart
  • Drafting of corporate policies
  • Updating employee manuals

  • Drafting of disciplinary notices and management of employee files
  • Compliance with labour laws (pay equity and Bill 90)
  • Assistance in legal HR matters

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Where to start?

Fill out our 15-question HR mini-diagnostic!

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