Continuous Training

Our promise

Despite the imminent arrival of artificial intelligence on our doorstep, it is human resources that will make its integration possible and favourable. By investing directly in the knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills of your people, you will ensure greater competitiveness, greater agility and better management “on the ground” to meet your growth or restructuring needs.

We have training programs that are tailor-made or ready to be delivered in your companies, in-class or remotely. Thanks to your investments in continuing education, you will not only be able to increase your productivity but also the quality of your services. Indeed, your qualified employees and managers will be mobilized and more conscious of their impact on the achievement of your business objectives.

You can opt for half-day, one-day or two-day training sessions, or have a course developed over several days to cover several related topics or a single more in-depth topic. In addition, our experienced trainers can adapt the training content to your business context with real-life case studies and practical exercises to be applied in the workplace.

Our solutions

Training Service

  • Specific training plans ready to be included in your overall skills development plan
  • Training design according to your needs and adapted to your context
  • Training easily admissible by the professional orders
  • Offsite offered with all-inclusive package available (we take care of the logistics for you!)
  • Individual, small or large groups.

Services adapted to the needs of your company

  • Tailor-made learning objectives
  • Real-life case studies put together in collaboration with your team and our experienced trainers
  • Personalised courses developed for the targeted skills
  • Adaptation of the content to ½ day, one or two days, 1 week and more
  • Accompaniment of specialists in continuing education in companies:
    • in the evaluation of training needs
    • in compliance with laws (e.g. 1%)

Proven educational andragogical learning methods

  • Our activities include lectures, quizzes, strategy games, exams, prior learning assessments, follow-up programs and team building.
  • We know that adults all learn in different ways, so the combination of methods is designed to promote learning for all participants.
  • We offer complements such as concrete tools such as checklists as well as additional reading to promote the transfer of knowledge.

Tangible benefits of training

  1. An increase in your productivity and the quality of your services;
    • Because your qualified employees and managers will be more conscious of their impact on the achievement of your business objectives!
  2. Better retention and attraction rates;
    • Because your employees will be grateful to you for investing in the development of their skills and will want to refer their employer to their network of contacts!

98% of the participants are satisfied and would like to follow further training with us.

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Our trainings

Human resources management

  • Best Practices and Bias in Performance Appraisal
  • Doing your pay equity exercise (without headaches)
  • Boosting the welcome and integration of new employees
  • Review its complete (and improved!) staffing process
  • Searching for candidates: free tools or almost free

Efficient communication

  • The art of giving realconstructive feedback
  • Techniques for meeting in small groups
  • Conflicts and group dynamics
  • Recognize different personalities (with colors)
  • Preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Organisation development

  • Delegating and empowering customers through their customer experience
  • Use RACI, FFOM, BCG and other matrices
  • Use organizational diagnostic methods
  • How can lean managementbe integrated into HR?
  • Setting up an HR dashboard with added value

Management skills

  • Recognizing and acting against time theft
  • Reminder of the grading of disciplinary measures
  • Coaching a difficult employee… or one in trouble?
  • Refresh yourself on good governance practices

Iceberg Management est un organisme formateur agréé par la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail, et donc développe et dispense des contenus de formation reconnus par la Loi sur les compétences, exigeant aux employeurs ayant une masse salariale de plus de 2 millions à investir au moins 1% de celle-ci en activités de formation.

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